I'm not concerned with documenting what a person can see through their eyes, rather, what they could feel if they let their imagination do the seeing. In this regard my work is an abstraction of familiar elements in the world surrounding us, a meditation on the textures that come to life in a certain light, allowing myself and, the viewer a chance to get lost in the most familiar of places.

I believe the most powerful photographs are ones that can no longer differentiate between the cued memories and the contrived realities.


    Born in Cairo, Egypt
    Lives in Manhattan, New York


    International Center of Photography, New York, NY
    General Studies 1 Year Certificate, June 2016

    American University in Cairo
    B.A. in Business Administration; Minor in Economics, June 2010


    • MIXMAG New York
    • BESPOKE MUSIK New York
    • Nacelle Grooves
    • UEFA


    • SHIFT 11 - International Centre of Photography 2016
    • New York Times Wedding: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/17/fashion/weddings/ellen-brooks-alexandre-shehata.html?_r=0
    • Interview - Cairo Scene: http://www.cairoscene.com/ArtsAndCulture/Zeyad-Gohary-Photography-Focused-In?M=True
    • “18 Days in Tahrir: Stories From Egypt's Revolution”